In the 1700s, our part of Cape Town consisted largely of thatch roof dwellings, later replaced by two-storey brick buildings, one of which, in the 1930's, gave way to the construction of the Art Deco building we call home.

Stepping out into Burg Street from our front entrance, you can see Greenmarket Square, the historical centre of old Cape Town, at which you can experience the vibrant trading life synonymous with the Mother city. Restaurants and cafés spread out onto the cobbled streets, framing market sellers and visitors bartering for souvenirs.

First built in 1696, the Square marks Cape Town’s first law enforcement, first electrical light and Kilometre Zero. Kilometre Zero is a specific spot found in many capital cities around the world from which distances are measured.

In no way conforming to the impersonal feel and the rigid brand-conforming service sometimes found in chain hotels, 40 on Burg projects an individual character and flexible service offering. We combine old and new to provide a unique and satisfying experience to, wherever possible, accommodate the evolving preferences of our guests.


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